The Pattaya Golfing Experience


Welcome to Parichat International Golf Links. Founded in 2015, We are an 18-hole course designed by Parichat Viwatanant, one of Thailand's first female professional golfers. Laid out across 214 acres of rolling hills, the course was carefully designed to create several exciting dimensions as well as some breathtaking aesthetics for golfers of all handicaps.

Parichat International hosts a variety of facilities, including a clubhouse restaurant, live music, massage and spa and nearby hotel. At a convenient 15 minutes away from Pattaya, we also host events, tournaments and festivals. We're still growing and are excited to expand services for our guests. Please feel free to contact us for any events or simply to enjoy a round of golf.


We pride ourselves on providing a traditional Pattaya golfing experience unlike any other. Our club is designed with roots in Thai culture. Caddy wear is fashioned after the chong kraben (โจงกระเบน) a wrap-around garment that Thai people have worn since the 17th century, while our clubhouse and kiosks feature classic colonial-style designs.

In addition to cultural aspects, we strive to provide a place where golfers can relax. At our clubhouse, guests can enjoy drinks accompanied by live music available everyday, or relax with a massage at our spa. We're committed to providing excellent service and would love to welcome you to enjoy a day out at Parichat International Golf Links any day.